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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Better name: SBC or AT&T?

You probably know that SBC Communications acquired AT&T in November. One of the new company's first important decisions was what to call the new entity: SBC or AT&T? Interestingly, they chose the name of the acquired company. Good idea? Why or why not?

I heard one reporter suggest that, “ one has heard of SBC.” Another person felt that regional player SBC (13 states) did not have as strong a brand as giant AT&T.

Maybe. But even though the AT&T brand is big, it’s not bold. Nor beautiful. At least not anymore. I believe that the AT&T brand has eroded over the past decade to the point where there’s not much left of it.

On the other hand, the SBC brand is clear -- at least where it does business (or did business), including my state of Ohio. And it’s a brand that’s alive and growing. SBC is going beyond the call to deliver broadband, wireless and other technologies. I get it.

Big, old, tired brand? Or young, vibrant, relevant one? The second one rings my bell. How about you?